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Here are sheet music samples for guitar ensembles. Sheet music samples for guitar solo and voice accompanied by guitar are also available on the website. To view them, please open the "Guitarist's Library" and select the desired subsection.

Guitar Ensembles (collection No.1)

1 – Gallito Canto (J.A.Flores) for 4 guitars
2 – Libertango (A.Piazzolla) for 4 guitars
3 – Tico-Tico no Fuba (Z.Abreu) for 2 guitars
4 – Besame Mucho (C.Velasques) for 3 guitars
5 – Oblivion (A.Piazzolla) for 4 guitars
6 – Toccata (G.Rolland) for 4 guitars
7 – Music from the film "Rider on the Rain" (F.Lai) for 4 guitars #Le Passager de la Plu
8 – Concerto Pour Une Voix (Saint-Preux) for 4 guitars
9 – "Windmills of Your Mind" from the film "The Thomas Crown Affair" (M.Legrand) for 4 guitars
10 – Music from the film "The Toy" (V.Cosma) for 4 guitars #Le Jouet 


Guitar Ensembles (collection No.2)

1 – Nocturne, ор.19, no.4 (P.Tchaikovsky) for 2 guitars
2 – The Seasons, October (P.Tchaikovsky) for 2 guitars
3 – The Seasons, June (P.Tchaikovsky) for 2 guitars
4 – Adagio (T.Albinoni) for 4 guitars
5 – "Flight of the Bumblebee" from the Opera "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" (N.Rimsky-Korsakov) for 4 guitars
6 – Nocturne No.20 in Cis-moll (F.Chopin) for 2 guitars
7 – Italian Polka (S.Rachmaninov) for 4 guitars
8 – The Second Waltz (D.Shostakovich) for 4 guitars
9 – Serenade (F.Schubert) for 4 guitars
10 – Polonaise "Farewell to My Homeland" (M.Oginski) for 4 guitars


Guitar Ensembles (collection No.3)

1 – Crescendo (K.-P.Bruchmann) for 4 guitars


  To be continued...

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My thoughts on...

Guitar ensembles... Until recently, I have tended to favour the solo guitar, an instrument that not only accompanies, but is also able to produce a full sound (melody, harmony, rhythm) without the involvement of other instruments or voice. This is evident in the several hundreds of my arrangements disposed in the rubrics "Songs and Romances", "Sheet Music + Tabs", and "Popular Music" from the section "Guitarist's Library". However, there are many compositions that were originally recorded specifically for ensembles and cannot be performed by one guitar to achieve the desired effect. This is because an arranger cannot express all features (polyphony and rhythm) of the original composition using only one single guitar. The result would only vaguely resemble the original composition. I cannot give endless examples, but take my word for it: if an arranger could do that, he would. Unfortunately, an arranger has only five fingers on each hand with which to play the guitar, as do the guitarists who play his arrangements. And even five fingers are sometimes not sufficient to express everything the author intends, especially if we are talking about symphonic compositions.  
Here's where collaborative creativity in the form of guitar ensembles goes to the aid, providing, on the one hand, the audience (and themselves) with the possibility to enjoy the excellent guitar sound, and, on the other hand, express melody and rhythm of the original composition without any distortion.
I have great plans for guitar ensembles. I hope I will be able to realize them.

Arrangements for guitar ensembles have a medium or higher level of difficulty. The most difficult part usually falls on first guitar (this happens, most often, due to the appearance of virtuosic monophonic passages). The parts of other guitars are less difficult and can be played by any qualified guitar player.

For those who want to play music in ensembles, it should be noted that there is a possibility to create duets for guitar and any solo instrument based on the sheet music available in the rubric "Songs and Romances". Detailed information can be found on the page "Songs and Romances" (see "My thoughts on...").

Sheet music samples in the rubric "Guitar Ensembles" are paid, but the price for them is quite affordable as you can see in the section "Information" > "Payment" > "Payment for Sheet Music from the Rubric "Guitar Ensembles."

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